We are a lead recycling company
which works with strict ISO standards.

Our company, within the objectives of minimizing the environmental footprint and complying with the requirements of the regulatory framework that applies to the company's field of operation, applies environmental management procedures.

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ISO 14001:2004

Environmental management systems based on TUV HELLAS processes.

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ISO 9001:2015

Environmental management systems based on Bureau Veritas Hellas S.A.

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OHSAS 18001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on TUV HELLAS procedures.

We produce high quality products tested with the most strict criteria.

Quality control of our products is carried out in accordance with modern international and European standards.

We apply the most strict laboratory tests
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Incoming materials

In addition to Pb-Acids, we recycle slag from primary and secondary lead shrinks, lead-like oxides and lead compounds as well as lead metal scrap.

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Samples of production

Quality control is carried out at each stage of our production process to better manage the materials processed with the aim of optimizing the quality of the finished product and protecting the environment

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Samples of production

With the aim of ensuring minimum environmental footprint, we continuously upgrade our antifouling equipment, carry out continuous internal environmental audits and in cooperation with certified external bodies.

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Health and safety

Measurement and recording of pollutants at the production sites for the proper selection of individual work measures of the company's employees as well as external partners.

Collection & Transport of Lead Waste

The lead-acid battery collection process is supervised by the Ministry of Environment through Collective Alternative Battery Management Systems. Amekon SA is a shareholder of the authorized systems SYDESYS & COMBATT.