We monitor all stages of collection and production.
We base our sampling on international standards.

The qualitative and quantitative control of samples is performed by applying international standards governing the sampling procedures, the preparation of test samples and the calibration of the analyzers. For the controls that cannot be conducted by the equipment available in the company, samples are sent to collaborating accredited quality control laboratories.

The individual sectors of the production process where controls are carried out for the qualitative and quantitative determination of the materials are as follows:

Incoming Materials
  • Raw Materials: Used lead-acid batteries, dross and skimmings from primary and secondary production, oxides and lead compounds in solid form, metallic scrap and lead dust.
  • Auxiliary Materials: chemical compounds in solid or liquid form used in the chemical processes of the production.
  • Fuels and lubricants
Production Samples
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of fractions resulting from the mechanical process of battery-shredding
  • Intermediate products of metallic lead resulting from the smelting reduction process in the rotary furnace and samples during the refining process and the production of alloys.
  • Final product of metallic lead during the molding process into ingots.
Environmental Controls-Health and Safety
  • Control of the composition and the mass of byproducts that constitute the supply for the processes of the subsequent stages of the production.
  • Measurements of lead in the air of the production site.
  • Measurement of lead in the blood of employees.
  • Measurement of noise level inside and outside the production sites.
  • Recording levels of emission of combustion gases and particulates released
  • Measurement and recording the operational parameters of mechanization in the production process